Boost your business and support a clean Willemstad!

As we all know, the old city of Willemstad - both the Punda and Otrobanda side – is a gem we must protect. We do this to make sure our children can keep enjoying our heritage, just as much as tourists do while they admire the historic architecture and the modern shopping facilities. To keep attracting both tourists and local people, we also need to keep the city clean. This means we have to offer possibilities to drop waste in garbage bins rather than on the streets.


The Infra Media solution


From the end of 2009 onwards, Infra Media will situate about 200 garbage bins in Punda and Otrobanda. These garbage bins offer a great opportunity to offer your services to visitors and local people, whilst showing that you support a clean environment. The robust and modern concrete bins will be placed on selected spots, where high traffic is to be expected. Most of the waste bins will be 3-sided, but also 4-sided waste bins are available. The bins will be situated in a way that all sides have equal visibility to the public.